The primary reason you are here is to study and build your future
House Rules  

Included in your rental is an amount allocated for the use of water and electricity. In order to   maintain the level charged, I landlord request that you:
• Use only the minimal amount of electricity required. Please switch off all lights and electrical appliances while not in use or when you leave the room;
• Water should be used sparingly. Please report any leaks to the Landlords as soon as they are noticed;
• dump rubbish (including WASTE food ) in the dust bins provided;
• keep the bathrooms and kitchens in a clean state as you would like to find them;
• Ensure that all stove plates and ovens are turned off when not in use.
No bar, oil heaters and two plates stove are not allowed; having one of them is considered a serious transgression the lease can be terminated with immediate effect.
Should the landlords find that the electricity and water charge for the building exceed the budget provided for, landlord will be obliged to increase the rental or house mate will have to contribute to accommodate the electricity shortfall
The house is equipped with a pre-paid electricity meter, and please don’t tampered with device.

Serious and disorderly behaviour that results in the disturbance of others may lead to immediate termination of the lease agreement.
In such cases you will be liable for the full charges set out in lease agreement.
Playing of music or other sounds at unreasonable levels is strictly forbidden. Please think about your fellow students.
Shouting, calling or talking in a raised voice is not acceptable. Running in corridors or in any other areas of the building is not permitted.

You must keep your room clean and tidy at all times
The furniture provided in your room may not be removed from your room, or the building, without Landlord’s prior consent.
The full cost of repairing any item of furniture or electrical appliance provided by us will be charged to you with an appropriate charge.

The landlord cannot be held responsible for any losses that you may incur whilst residing in the house although the security is provided, please keep your room locked at all times and ensure that the windows are fully closed when you are not present in your room.
The key for your room must never be given or lent to any other person. You should ensure that there are no key tags or identification that would make it easy to identify the room or building that the key belong to.
It is vital that you take good care to ensure that you never leave your keys in a place that they could be stolen or lost. The landlord will not be held responsible for any theft or burglary involving your possessions.
Lost keys and remote access lead to the issuing of new set of keys and remote, you the tenant will be held responsible for the cost of and the issuing of replacement of new keys (approximately R200.00) together with an administration charge as a locksmith will be required to be called in.
Tampering with any security or fire fighting equipment is a serious offence and is strictly forbidden. Should you tamper with the fire equipment in any way, landlord reserve the right not only to reprimand you but to charge the cost of restoring such equipment will be for your account
The use of candles, oil lamps, incense or anything that produces a naked flame is a potential fire hazard and is strictly forbidden to be used in your room or any other part of the building except the designated place like braai area.

Swimming pool is considered a great outdoor used to relax the body however in can be a deadly facility if it is not treated with necessary respect. It is a high risk to people who are unable to swim. It can also be high risk to those who are able to swim but under the influence of alcohol.
All tenets are allowed to use the swimming as they wish but please note you swim at your own risk.

Visitors are welcome provided they observe these house rules and the lease agreement.
No student may have more than TWO visitors at any given time. All visitors are required to be accompanied by the tenet staying in the house.
No visitors are allowed to remain in the building without your presence. Should you leave the building, your visitors must also leave the building. You will be wholly responsible and financially liable for any damages caused by your visitor.
Sleeping overnight is permitted but not more than two days a week. Should Landlord find that you have granted a visitor the right to sleepover for extended period of time and other house mate started complaining of visitors, the landlord have the right to terminate the lease with immediate effect.
Landlord reserves the right to place further restrictions on the access of visitors in the event that utility consumption increases dramatically, visitors’ behaviour is inappropriate or the people carrying capacity of the building is compromised in any way.

Firearms or any form of weapon, eg. Knives, batons etc, is strictly forbidden.
No drugs in the house. Should there be reports from house mates about drug trafficking in the house, the allegation will be investigated.
Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. If you smoke within the yard ensure that you clear your stompies.
No group drinking within and around the yard
No group meetings or demonstrations and hanging around the yard with friends will be permitted.
Parties may be arranged but approval should be obtained from the landlord and all house mates.
Pamphlets of any nature may not be placed or handed out in the building without landlord prior consent.
Should you fall pregnant you will be required to vacate the premises by the 7th month of pregnancy.
Failure to observe these House Rules will constitute a breach of the Lease Agreement and may lead to termination of the Lease.